By ERIN AUSTIN; THE BULL @ 100.3By Erin Austin

I’m disgusted, appalled, and disturbed by this story.  Former “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham has released a porn video that paid her around  $1 Million.  Not only does that tidbit alone make me shake my head, but some of the other info I’ve read.  In fact, It makes me so irritated I want to start waving my finger around in disgust.

I’m proud to admit that I’ve never watched the MTV shows “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom.” I believe we’re making these girls famous for making stupid life choices.  With that being said, I can see the underlying benefit of showing  how hard it can be if you have a child when you are still a child yourself.  However, the small positives do not out weigh the giant negatives that come with these types of shows.

Let talk about this Farrah Abraham porno thing.  First she claimed it was a tape she made with a boyfriend.  Then it turns out that she had a production company put it together and hired porn star James Deen to be her co-star.

She originally claimed the video was for her eyes only, but then turns around and sells it to Vivid Entertainment.  Then saying to the media she doesn’t plan on watching the film.

She then posted an odd video defending her choice to do the adult film.

“So on the real, what would you do? You have been a single mother for four years, off and on dating loser-ass boys who always try to sell information, lie to you, manipulate, and you’ve just realized you’re an awesome person and you deserve someone, and now that you’ve been 21 and you’ve been crying every night because you’re single and you’re alone, and so you make your own video to celebrate your awesome body get your own sexy shots.”

Let me see if I got this right. She celebrates her awesome body by doing a porno?  And one that she’s having sex in the “back door?’  That’s exactly how most women celebrate their youth! (highly sarcastic)  If  I was wanting to celebrate my 21 year-old awesome body I would hit the mall and buy some hot outfit. Not shoot an adult video with a porn star doing me the “back door!”


How messed up of a society have we become that we’re so fame hungry that we compromise our morals to get rich and famous?

So let’s count just some of the many ways this is makes me want smack some people around.

1. Hires production team and porn star to make a “sex tape”
2. Sells it to try and get millions
3. Takes her father and 3 year-old daughter to negotiations at Vivid.
4. Claims she wants to celebrate her body by making video

And 5. (this one is extra messed up) Farrah told Entertainment Tonight, “I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things.”   

(Excuse me I just barfed in my mouth a little)

I know that this girl’s bad life choices are non of my business. However, when you put your bad life choices in the public eye with putting it on TV and video,  you make it our business.  Am I wrong for thinking that?
Does this bother anyone else or just me?  Or, are you just not surprised anymore by people’s stupidity?

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