If an asteroid is speeding toward Earth one day,Bruce Willis and the team from Armageddon are not going to be able to save us.

Charles Bolden is the head of NASA, and this week he spoke at a Congressional hearing about protecting the Earth from asteroids and how much it’s going to cost to protect us even more.

Here are the three things he said that should put the fear of God in ya:

#1.)  An asteroid with a diameter of about six-tenths of a mile, quote, “could plausibly end civilization.”

#2.)  95% of the asteroids flying nearest to the Earth ARE that big.

#3.)  Finally,  if there’s an asteroid headed toward the U.S. and NASA doesn’t detect it until it’s about three weeks away?  Quote, “Pray.”

My take:

I hear it would cost us about three quarters of a billion dollars to come up with an outer-space telescope to detect these asteroids months in advance. The reason we can’t now is because the telescopes on earth that face the sun can’t see anything coming from that direction. I guess this telescope is not in the budget either. What?!

Solution: How about this, every one of the six billion people in the world come up with the 13 cents each it would take to pay it off?! Doesn’t seem like too much of a price to pay not to die in a burning ball of flames!

(The Telegraph)

foleythunder posts NASA Offers Advice If An Asteroid Hits Earth!

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