Man, I will admit… I’ve told all of these lies, but with the best intentions. Please re-assure me that I’m not the only one.

Take the poll after you look over the list. I can bet you won’t read three without saying, “yes, I’ve done that” at least once.

This should be fun. Here are the questions below:

1. I’m not mad.

Stop asking me if I’m upset because I AM. I mean, isn’t it written all over my face?

2. I don’t care.

Very similar to “I’m not mad.” I do care. In fact, if I brought it up I must definitely care. Once again, please see the look on my face and take note of my body language.

3. I’ve barely eaten all day.

I’ve been so busy I’ve hardly eaten anything today. OK, let me correct that. I’ve barely eaten anything you’d approve of. How long is this “baby weight” excuse good for anyway?

4. I’m going on a diet.

It ends up being a lie, but when we say this we have every intention on starting a diet. Tomorrow.

5. It was on sale!

You ask how much we paid for that, and our reply is always “it was on sale!” Because really, shouldn’t the only important thing be that we got it for a great price. So great, we dare not reveal it!

6. The kids needed it.

We splurged on something for our babies. Out of necessity of course. Besides, how could you be opposed to my purchase when our precious children “needed it?”

7. I can wear these with everything.

Yes, those sky high stilettos can be worn with everything, making them an investment and absolutely necessary.

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