We’re not saying you should pick a new career path just to increase your odds of finding your soul mate . . . or someone who enjoys sex on top of the copy machine, but you shouldn’t rule it out.

The website surveyed 42,000 people, and asked them about dating, marrying, and hooking up with co-workers.  With the information that they found, they were able to gather information about the jobs that have the most people falling in love and “gettin’ it on”.

Most likely to fall in love at work.  Food service managers came in first.  The rest of the top five are cooks, dispatchers, advertising and promotions managers, and claims adjusters.

Overall, 9% of people are married to someone they met at work.

Most likely to hook up at work.  Artists are number one.  Cooks are number two, welders are third, stock clerks are fourth, and occupational health and safety specialists are fifth.

And overall, no industry compared to the food service industry.  About 25% of people in food service have hooked up with a co-worker.

Most likely to date their boss.  Lodging managers and cost estimators tied for first.  Office clerks came in third, transportation and storage managers came in fourth, and accounting clerks came in fifth.

The survey also found the two industries where people are most likely to date their bosses are . . . engineering and oil.

Most likely to be looking for love at work.  Artists are number one, followed by cooks, computer software engineers, computer support specialists, and meeting and convention planners.

-This isn’t going to be a shock, but overall, people in tech jobs are the most likely to say they’re hoping to date a co-worker.  That’s an industry that’s heavily male. So if you’re a woman with tech skills, prepare to have plenty of options.

Least likely to approve of office romance.  Dental hygienists came in first . . . even ahead of cleargy, who came in second.  Office clerks were third, tellers were fourth, and paralegals and legal assistants were fifth.

foleythunder posts Romance At Work? Jobs That Lead To Romance At Work

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