Did Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood choose not to cross paths? A source indicates such.

According to a source:”GRAMMYy execs were ordered to keep the two ‘from crossing paths’ at the show ‘since they hate each other!'”  Another source states: “Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her.” decided to look into it . . . and they found someone close to Swift who says the story is “100 percent untrue.”

Of course it’s not true.  However . . . it does lead to this question:  Who do you have in a caged match between these two?  Me?  Underwood, seconds after the bell.  Okie farm babe against a Christmas tree farm girl?  No contest.

Speaking of Taylor Swift and the GRAMMYs, . she is slated to be the opening act . . . which is a big deal because that always goes to a performer who can knock it out of the park.  But the surprising part is that Taylor didn’t find out about it until last week.

You would think stuff like this would’ve been planned for weeks, but that’s what she said on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. “What’s interesting is we presented this performance to the Grammy committee . . . and they said, ‘Okay, cool you have a performance spot'”, Swift stated.

“And then like a week ago they call us and say, ‘Oh, by the way, you’re opening the show.'”  She added.  “It’s not like they approach you . . . and say ‘Let’s do a big opening performance thing.’  It just surprised me I was going to go first.”

One last bit of Taylor Swift news:  She also told Ryan Seacrest that she has no date or special plans  for Valentine’s Day.   “I’ll probably be with my friends or rehearsing”, she reportedly told Seacrest. “Yes a warehouse somewhere and I’ll be working on the lighting rig and the lighting cues.  And I don’t think I’d like to be anywhere else,” Swift added.

Are you one of those people who are glad you’re going to alone this Valentine’s Day?

foleythunder posts Did Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood Order GRAMMYs To Be Separated?

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