Three-year-old Madeline Dubois’ birthday dreams are quite simple: she wants to ride a train. The toddler’s reaction to her birthday wish coming true is capturing and warming hearts all around.

Toss aside the notion of a doll or a doll house. Forget the fun of a tea set or the joys of a party; young Madeline only wants to ride a train for her birthday.

Originally posted in 2011, the video showing a three-year-old Madeline getting excited as she sees a train pull up toward a stop, the video has gained tremendous steam (no pun intended) as someone re-posted it to media outlets.

From her hand claps and gasps to those eyes growing bigger with excitement, the toddler captures the hearts of those who watch the video.

The Dubois family originally posted the video to YouTube in March of 2011, but someone else posted it to Reddit on Monday and now the video has surpassed more than 545,000 views, making the pint-sized “train-affectionado” a viral superstar.

Watch the video below and share thoughts!

Cicely C. Mitchell 100.3 THE BULL/ Houston


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