Well that was fast. Just a couple of days ago it was rumored that Randy Travis would be entering a guilty plea in his case for his DUI arrest last summer when he crashed his Trans Am and was arrested naked.

Now comes word that Travis had his sentence handed down already. According to TMZ, Travis has been sentenced to 180 days in jail.

Fortunately for the singer, he will probably never spend a day in jail.

According to the Grayson County District Attorney, Travis’ 180 days in jail were probated for two years. That means that as long as he keeps his nose clean for two years, he will not have to go to jail. However, if he has any run-ins with the law, he can be brought back in and forced to serve his 180 days.

Another condition of his sentence is that Travis must check into an inpatient alcohol treatment facility for a minimum of 30 days AND complete 100 hours of community service.

Lastly, for the two years, Travis will have to have an ignition device that will keep track of his blood alcohol level. If he tries to drive impaired, the engine won’t start.

I’m thinking the 180 days in jail might have been easier than all the conditions of the agreement, but good for Travis;  it seems as if he is finally straightening his life out.

foleythunder posts Randy Travis Will Keep His Naked Butt Out Of Jail, For Now

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