Dear Diary,

The Foley & Thunder Show joined ‘Great Day Houston’ on KHOU 11 yesterday to talk about our Rodeo Road Show. Deborah Duncan is such a gracious host and it was a ton of fun, even Robert Wuhl was there. He is back at the University of Houston for the debut of his play “Hit Lit.” He played the host of the Academy Awards in ‘The Bodyguard.’ It was really cool meeting him. I am either glad I wore this hat or I look like an amateur “Inspector Gadget.” Here is a video.

We are live at Chick-Fil-A this morning unil 9AM giving away Rodeo tickets every thirty minutes. I am really enjoying getting to meet people all over the Bull Nation. This is a blast and is getting me super-excited for cook-off, Rodeo, the whole enchilada.

Speaking of enchiladas, Jeff is doing so good on our eating healthy adventure. He looks fantastic, I am so proud of him. He inspires me…sort of. I’m doing good. I will keep at it, nothing like a high school reunion to keep you motivated.

I am grabbing drinks with Aprl tonight at The Red Lion. She and I opted for a pub-feel. I was glad she reached out to have drinks.

The weather is going to be so great this weekend, I think Jeff and I will make our first soujourn to the Houston Zoo. I love the zoo and Cowboy Dave says this one is amazing. I can’t wait to see the elephants. My dad and Suzette are coming in March. They will be here for the Band Perry at Rodeo. Maybe they would like the zoo as well. I also think a jaunt to Galveston is a must.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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