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Greg Thunder’s Top Ten Most Memorable Texans Moments Of 2012


It’s done.

Even though last Sunday’s loss to the Patriots wasn’t a shock, it was still an unexplainable maddening saddening Houston Texans season.

And although we’ve had a few days to get over it, looking back, she we have felt silly for drinking the Texan’s Kool Aid?

Maybe so, but it sure tasted good those first twelve games didn’t it?

But as in breakups and fights and even football…time heals all wounds.

Here we go with the top 10 most memorable moments from the Texans 2012 season (although maybe some are ones we’d love to forget).

10.  Matt Schaub Ear Gets Ripped Off.

Funny that the image of Matt holding his head is the same as what Texans fans were doing ever since Week 13.

9.    “I eat burritos bigger than you!”  

JJ Watt discusses his training table specifics on-field with Ray Rice.

8.     Brian Cushing’s season ending knee injury

Slausen’s illegal hit against the Jets cost Cushing his season and maybe the Texan’s a Superbowl.

7.      The curse of the Letter Jackets?

They seemed so cool at the time. The high schoolesque letter jackets given to the players to wear in the cold up to New England. Problem was after putting them on they played more like high schoolers losing four of their last five games in regular and post season.

6.      ” You can’t throw it over my head!

The tip of the season of tipped passes. And the play that epitomized the nickname JJ SWAT!

5.       Texans LB Tim Dobbins knocks Bears quarterback Jay Cutler out of the game

This was the year the word concussion was finally taken seriously in the NFL and the Texans were not exempt.

4.       Texans Beat The Broncos

Way back in week three or whatever who thought these two teams would take such opposite paths to the playoffs? The Broncos only lost once again all season, to the Patriots, and then rattled off 11 wins in a row.

3.       The touchdown against Detroit that clearly wasn’t

This was maybe also one of the most confusing plays of the year and we learned that you never throw the red flag when there’s a touchdown in question. They’re automatically reviewable unless you throw the flag, then they’re not…er…what?

2.       Andre Johnson’s screen pass in overtime vs. Jacksonville for a 48-Yard TD.

Maybe the bigger story was that Jacksonville took the Texans to OT. Was this the start of the cratering of the Texans season?

1.        JJ WATT makes the cover of Sports Illustrated

The Teans were 12-4. Andre Johnson had an amazing year, but JJ Watt stole ALL the headlines and hearts of Texans fans. This from when 2012 Texans fever was at it’s highest and MOST memorable.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

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