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Did you catch the new Mountain Dew commercial?  If you think you saw Jason Aldean you would be right! He shares the spotlight with other celebs including Lil Wayne, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a famous skateboarder.  Their new tag line “This Is How We DEW!”.  Yes, that is D-E-W….not D-O.

According to an article in Business Week, Pepsi Co. says it’s working to expand the sugary, caffeinated drink’s appeal to a broader group of young soda consumers with more cultural diversity. Jason Aldean and Dale Earnhardt Jr. will be featured in mostly middle-America television markets, while Lil Wayne and Paul Rodriguez, who’s a Mexican-American pro-skateboarder, might be featured more in west coast and urban markets.

“Our biggest opportunities are in those areas with the highest concentration of consumers who probably haven’t heard the dew message as focused as we could have,” said Brett O’Brien, vice president of marketing for Mountain Dew, as told to Business Week.  Dew’s target consumers are young adults, mostly men, aged 18 to 24.

The challenge for the world’s second- largest soda company will be finding new diverse soda drinkers while holding on to core Mountain Dew enthusiasts. That sounds like a bunch of corporate gobbeltygook. I just know I love a cold Dew on a hot Texas day and want to  get wired drinking it. 

Check out Jason Aldean in this commercial below:


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