Over the weekend, Cowboy Dave found out that he will be a new father soon! You’ve gotta see this… So blessed!!

On Saturday, Cowboy Dave walked out of his farm house at 7am to say good mornin’ and feed the animals! He walked all over the farm looking for Sparkles.. the family duck… on the weekends they let her sleep outside! After looking for an hour… he finally decided to bring Woody(his border collie) out to help because he ALWAYS finds her… they are best friends… well, Woody found Sparkles… just under the back porch with a nest and 15 new eggs! Check it out…
eggs Cowboy Dave Is A New Father

This freaked him out as Sparkles has NEVER laid eggs.. EVER!! But, after the initial shock… the entire family was excited about the 15 new baby ducks that will be joining the family soon! If you’ve never met Sparkles… here she is… she thinks she is a dog, she lives inside and is potty trained! She quacks really LOUD when she has to go potty!! She is a VERY important part of the Cowboy Dave family! She isn’t your typical duck… she really is part of the family! Most nights she sleeps at the foot of the bed with Cowboy Dave and his wife Christi! Check her out:)

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Sparkles and Woody… Best friends!! If only people could get along like this:)

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Sparkles Christmas Morning!!

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SParkles takin’ a bath… yep she has her own bath tub!!

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Christiana says... "I promise, ducks are safe on Thanksgiving!!"

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Sparkles… a new mommy:)

Comments (3)
  1. Sherry says:

    Iib had duck that was white like his but he was dumb as a box of rocks.

  2. Rhonda Sorensen says:

    Too cute!!!! 🙂

  3. Holly Miller-Svehla says:

    Congrats Cowboy Dave! Love your “Sparkles” she is Soooooo Precious<3

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