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[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Christina Aguilera [/lastfm]performed Etta James’ song “At Last,” at her funeral in California on Saturday.  Etta passed away on January 20th.  She was 73. Before singing, Christina said, quote, “Out of all the singers that I’ve ever heard, she was the one that cut right to my soul and spoke to me . . . Etta, this song is for you.” Christina takes the stage 28 seconds in . . . fidgets with her legs 38 seconds in . . . and begins performing at the 2:40 mark. There may have been a reason Christina was fooling with her legs . . . we just don’t know what it is.  In close-up pictures, there appears to be something on, or running down her leg.

The possible explanations are all pretty gross.  People are guessing it’s everything from her menstrual cycle . . . to urine . . . to sweat mixed with spray tanner or bronzer. Or is this all faked?

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  1. CharKool says:

    What the hell are y’all talking about? All I see is someone way over-singing a song. I don’t see fidgeting, tho.

  2. Phyllis says:

    How absolutely disgusting! A terrible way to take away from the Legend Etta James’ service. And why would anyone want to look at that…I do, however think it is tanner. It’s still gross though.

  3. funny says:

    Hey it was staged o.k. if her emotions got the best of her then it was urine, if it was her menstrual cycle then we all know with her Marilyn Monroe Obsession that she wanted to stage the menstrual blood running down her leg like Marilyn Monroe used to do back in the day.Marilyn was seen many time running around sadly with her menstraul running down her skirt or pants and Christinas staged Marilyn antics include everything Marilyn from her transformation ,weight gain,the whole look which looks bad on her,from also doing everything Marilyn pictures,magazine spreads,and now trying to do what MARILYN DOES.Christina needs help for her identity crisis she is no Marilyn she’s more snookie or hatchet face.

  4. da lake show says:

    U a stil hit it

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