Foley and Thunder revealed the Secret Sound clue this morning and it was “dropping what into what full of what.”

We played the sound 8 times today at :05 after the hour and no one guessed correctly!

Be sure to listen to Foley and Thunder Monday morning at 7:15a for them to announce another clue that will help you determine the Secret Sound. The sound will be the same until it’s guessed by a lucky listener!

Be caller number 100 at 713-390-KILT for your chance to guess what the secret sound is and if you’re correct you win $1,000!

See what the guesses were made today and tune into to Foley and Thunder Monday morning at 7:15a for another clue!

Clue: ”Dropping what into what full of what”

Secret Sound Guesses 1/9:

8:05 – Closing a file cabinet drawer

9:05 – the chute when you send money to the bank

10:05 – a bowling pin dropped into a cooler full of cans

11:05 – cork from a champagne bottle

12:05 – bowling pin crushing an aluminum can

1:05 – dropping a bowling pin into an ice chest with coke and ice

2:05 – dropping an aluminum can into an igloo full of ice

3:05 – a coke falling in a vending machine

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Clue: ”You could hear a pin drop”

Secret Sound Guesses 1/6:

8:05 – The pharmacy drive-thru drawer

9:05 – A bowling pin

10:05 – A nail gun

11:05 – Someone putting a drink in a cooler

12:05 – Throwing an aluminum can into a metal trash can

1:05 – A door closing

2:05 – Picking up a 1 pin spare in beer can bowling

3:05 – Shooting that ball out of that gun at the carnival

NEXT Page: Thursday’s Clue and Guesses

Clue: “igloo”

Secret Sound Guesses 1/5:

8:05 – Airplane toilet flushing

9:05 – Closing the lid on a cooler

10:05 – Coke falling out of a coke machine

11:05 – Putting cans in a cooler

12:05 – A can being dropped into a bag of cans

1:05 – One can being dropped into a chest of ice

2:05 – Dropping a coke can or beer can into an igloo cooler

3:05 – Someone opening an aluminum bottle

NEXT Page: Wednesday’s Clue and Guesses

Clue: “aluminum beverage containers”

Secret Sound Guesses 1/4:

8:05 – paintball gun being fired

9:05 – opening a can of bean dip

10:05 – crushing a can with a foot

11:05 – a toaster

12:05 – beer can bowling

1:05 – microwave door closing

2:05 – opening an aluminum can

3:05 – commercial drink dispenser dispensing liquid

NEXT Page: Tuesday’s Clue and Guesses

Clue: ”1 of 10″

Secret Sound Guesses 1/3:

8:05 – Metal trash can lid

9:05 – Nail gun

10:05 – Staple air gun

11:05 – Ball return at bowling alley

12:05 – Bowling and only hitting one pin out of 10

1:05 – Washing machine door closing

2:05 – A soda falling out of a soda machine

3:05 – A toilet bowl seat shutting

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