Listen to Foley and Thunder all this week to announce a clue each morning that will help you determine the Secret Sound. The sound will be the same until it’s guessed by a lucky listener!

The sound will be played 8 times per day at :05 after the hour. Then, be caller number 100 at 713-390-KILT for your chance to guess what the secret sound is and if you’re correct you win $1,000!

Here’s a tip: Keep track of guesses and clues. The more you listen the easier it is to win!

Click here for the previous clues and guess.

::official rules::

Comments (7)
  1. Emily Schomburg says:

    I know what it is but I don’t know the phone number.

  2. Tim Brown says:

    I called at 10:05 exactly and I was caller 1. It rang and rang and an auotmated vioce said number 1 and then hung up? What happen? Is there something I should have done?

    1. steverixx says:

      You need to be caller 100 in order to play the Secret Sound contest. Thanks for trying.

  3. DieHardTexanFan says:

    Opening an Igloo Thermal Mug or Cup

    BUT I CAN’T GET THRU TO GUESS!!! It’s killing me!!!

    1. Shanon says:

      So what was the secret sound? DieHardTexanFan correct???

  4. Elicia says:

    I have a few guesses.. by the clues it sounds like they are dropping something in an ice chest filled with ice and beer bottles… but I cant get through either.. and not sure what they are dropping in there… bowling pin is out, can is out….. ??????

  5. Mrs. Jimenez says:

    I can’t get through and wont be able to try this hour …booo!
    I believe it is
    “Dropping a bowling pin into an Igloo cooler full of aluminum beer cans”
    Good luck everyone :o)

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