It’s hard to believe that 2011 is almost over.  Although, I think there’s a few celebrities that are excited about that.  I’m sure they’re all are hoping that 2012 will bring better luck and not the end of the world!

Jennifer Lopez

jenniferlopez Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

Well all is not totally a downer for J-Lo. She did have a successful season on American Idol, She launched a clothing line at Kohls, and a TV show in South America. However, her love life has once again taken center stage. Her 7 year marriage to Marc Anthony went down the toilet earlier this year, fueling rumors that she already has a “backup plan.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

cheater6arnold Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

It seemed like the moment that Arnold’s term as Governor of the state of California was done, scandal broke out of the “Terminator” fathering a child with the maid.  A secret that was kept for over a decade and it all happened under the nose of his unsuspecting wife Maria Shriver.  Now the couple is divorced.

Kim Kardashian

112042828 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

It depends on how you look at it, but Kim Kardashian hasn’t had the best year. She ended her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries amidst speculation that it was all fake and a way for her to cash in. The aftermath hasn’t been pretty. Constant chatter among talk shows and gossip magazines has kept the fire going. Along with the latest rumor that her famous figure is nothing but smoke and mirrors. Meaning padding and Spanx!

Ashton Kutcher

130571669 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

Ashton’s another celebrity that can be seen as having both a good and bad 2011. The good is that he is on the highest ranked TV show and also the highest paid actor on TV. The bad is that he was caught in a cheating scandal with some 22 year old girl that sold her story to the highest bidder and since then Demi has filed for divorce! Maybe his big paycheck will keep him warm at night.

Charlie Sheen

125599048 8 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

It all started with an odd set of comments from a few interviews. Then that moved into Charlie getting fired from his hit TV show “Two and a Half Men.” That turned into a tour with the “Goddesses” across the country. Finally, it turned to Charlie accepting defeat and cleaning up his act up a bit.

Has he officially gone back to normal? Probably not, but at least he’s no longer talking about tiger’s blood!

Miley Cyrus

111457097 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

Miley has had a roller coaster of a year. The end of Hannah Montana came first, then it seemed her parents were ending their marriage. that was fueled by the rumor that her mom had an affair with Brett Michaels. Then there was the video of Miley high on Salvia. The gossip magazines have been on her for gaining weight. Now the latest is on Miley’s 19th birthday she claimed that she was a “stoner.”

That’s a long road from Disneyland!

Lindsay Lohan

131174908 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

Lindsay has been in and out of courtrooms this year more than she’s been in of rehab.  Which is another place that she’s seen a lot of.  With her drug and alcohol abuse Lindsay is seen her work and money dwindle down to near nothing.  Not only that but her health and appearance has also gone downhill.

Lindsay was spotted on the red carpet with some rather questionable chompers.  At about that time Playboy came to the rescue and offered her an insane amount of money to pose for the magazine.  Later that week she was photographed with a set of new sparkly teeth.

Scarlett Johansson

126357026 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!


Scarlett started of the year with the ending of her marriage to Ryan Reynolds.  Followed up with a quickie relationship that failed with Sean Penn.  Then Scarlett made headlines later this year. It wasn’t for her body of work, but more like just her body.  Someone hacked into Scarlett’s phone and found pictures of her less than clothed. Of course, they did the gentlemanly thing and put them all over the internet.

Hey! At least she looks good naked!


Jesse James

114139895 Celebrities That Had A Bad 2011!!!

Here’s one for ya!  Jesse cheats on his wife, “America’s Sweetheart,” Sandra Bullock.  Then he somehow finds another woman that thinks he’s worth their time.  In walks in tattoo artist Kat Von D.   Kat and Jesse profess their love for each-other and Kat claims that he’s a changed man and the best thing she’s ever had!

Flash forward a few months.  They break up, then get back together, then break up again. Whew! Then…Kat comes out and says that Jesse was never a changed man and cheated on her with over 19 different women!

Kate Gosselin

kate gosselin

The queen of reality TV saw her marriage fall apart then her TV show. Kate went from being one the most over-exposed people on TV and magazines to being lucky to pay her bills.

After her TV show got canceled so did the appearances on daytime talk shows. Now instead of dodging questions about her ex, she now dodges questions about having a facelift or not.

Not is all bad for Kate. She does have a new job as a coupon blogger on


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