[photogallerylink id=81174]Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:25, we try and help one listener with the Brutal Truth. This guy is a total PIG and beyong our help… Just like Jesse James… Today on the BRUTAL TRUTH with Foley & Thunder, a guy calls in to ask… “My wife is still fat after having our little girl… is it ok if I cheat on her?” We lost our minds as did our listeners, how can someone be so dumb and selfish? If you missed it this morning… it’s right here!

Comments (2)
  1. Cathy Maulin says:

    I think he’s stuck on himself, he does not care about his wife at all — it sounds like he’s not in love at all–it’s a shame to bring a child into this world like that

  2. Angela says:

    In his e-mail, he stated he’s “not going to apologize” because he feels he’s done nothing wrong. This is obviously not true! If he truly felt that way, then he wouldn’t be compelled to question his own actions, OR to seek validation – he wouldn’t have contacted the Brutal Truth.

    Something inside tells him he’s a dirt bag, and he’s desperate to convince himself he’s not.

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