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Foley And Thunder: Here's The Bikini Pic Of The "HOT" 45 year Old Mom That Was On Our Show today


hotmomsclubsign21 Foley And Thunder: Here's The Bikini Pic Of The "HOT" 45 year Old Mom That Was On Our Show today

Okay! We got the picture of Dolly, the 45-year old woman who said frumpy moms in their 30s give “hot” older women like her a bad name. Dolly thinks these younger moms are just jealous. Dolly thinks younger women who still can’t pull off a bikini give older women who can a bad name. Check her out and tell us what you think..

dana bikini1 Foley And Thunder: Here's The Bikini Pic Of The "HOT" 45 year Old Mom That Was On Our Show today

Here's Dolly in a bikini.


Thanks for listening!


One Comment

  1. Brad says:

    I’d have to say Hell Yeah she can!!!

  2. Blaine says:

    Yes. She still has it and looks to not be losing it anytime soon. Keep it up girl. Im 26 and you are smoking hot. Want dinner one night?

  3. Audi says:

    pulled it off….fair is fair

  4. Lauri says:

    If I looked like that, I would wear a bikini 24/7! BTW I am 40 😦 . Always been skinny but have gained about 25#over the last 3 years. Now I am inspired to get back in shape!!!!

  5. Cheri says:

    She looks great. I’m 45 and I’d like to look like that. Looks like she’s had some….augmentation…done as well. But, just because you can wear it doesn’t mean you should. One, I’d like to see her skin up close. Skin can give away your age big time. Second, she needs to dress with class and borrowing clothes from your 17 year old daughter’s closet probably isn’t the way to do it. Also, 45 isn’t really very old. Hopefully she won’t still be dressing like this in 10 to 15 years — even if she thinks she can.

  6. Texas T says:

    Dolly you are rocking it….I myself am 51 and look ok in a bikini not near the way you do, but don’t think anyone at any age should let themselves go. And I for one are not ready for old lady clothes either!

  7. Sandy says:

    WOW … more power to her for keeping in shape – it is hard to do the older you get!

  8. Stephanie Loewe says:

    HELL YES!! You go girl. Didn’t like her comments, but don’t hate her because she is gorgeous!

  9. George says:

    She can eat crackers in my bed anytime !

  10. Cynthia DeLuna says:

    I think she looks great for her age & if you work hard to keep your body up then be proud. The ladies that have nasty things to say is because that dont take pride in there bodies & they are lazy and fat cells have formed. I am 45 and knows what is takes to keep a young healthy body its very hard so if a lady still has it at 45 or 50 keep it proud.

  11. Canes mom says:

    She rocks.

  12. Matt says:

    Very hot! I live in Bflo, NY I would love to see her boating in Lake Erie anytime. Matt

  13. Denise says:

    I think she looks great and I’m right behind her in age and looks and I wear a bikini too. Being fit and tone at our age makes you look and feel much younger and you feel great, It’s something to be proud of because we work very hard to achieve the look, so why not show it? Ladies our age who look good and feel great should be an example to other ladies at any age that anything is possible. Your outer appearance is a direct reflection of your confidence. Thumbs up to Dolly!!

  14. Chazlee Tiner says:

    She looks good in a bikini, but I will challenge her any day scholastically, which is where she should focus on instead of her body. I bet she can also down a six-pack of beer like a starved mut after a bone.
    If she spent as much time sharpening her mind as she does her body, she would be setting a much better example for her daughter to follow.

  15. Philip says:

    Wow i didnt think cougars liked water!

  16. diana says:

    she’s rockin’ buther voice is irritating

  17. Chris McGee says:

    I say shake what your momma gave ya! She can only do it for long anyway. Might as well feel good about herself and live in the moment.

    1. Chris McGee says:

      *for SO long

  18. diana says:

    she’s rockin’ but her voice is irritating

  19. Margo jones says:

    Wow!!!!!!! She rocks!!!!! And yes a lot of thirty and twenty yr olds don’t look this great @ this age due to letting themselves go, I’m 45 also and have been told I look great for my age, so yessss woman in there foot’s and fifthys are looking better than ever ,,,,,u go dolly !!!!!!!!!

  20. Robin says:

    It is amazing what implants and surgery can do when added to visits to the gym

  21. Joyce says:

    Go for it. I agree, if you can take care of your self, more power to you. If the younger women don’t like it, then maybe they need to take a look at themselves and make changes.

  22. My says:

    How much did the boob job cost?

  23. Lil T - 32 says:

    Sure her body looks good (can’t see her face), however, I’m very doubtful that is natural. Even a 20-something female won’t have shoulders or abs that look like that unless they are a professional athlete that spends hours a day training…or they have help from steroids, human growth hormone or some other type of substance.
    I’ve been killing myself in the gym religiously for 12 years and I don’t look like that at 32. Genetics play a huge role, as do performance enhancing drugs, so lets not give the women who aren’t blessed with being naturally small or who choose to not poison their bodies a hard time…

  24. joanne says:

    Beauty is inside and out!!


    ” 49 GOING ON 50″

  25. Ana says:

    Good for her. If you got it flaunt it

  26. wendy says:

    She looks good in a bikini. But even if you have a good body, you still need to dress for your age group, especially when you have children. Your kids look up to you and want to be like you. There are sexy clothes for every age group, you just have to go to the right stores.

  27. Kaylee says:

    B@#$%!!! HAHAHA She really looks good!

  28. Paul says:

    I don’t see any thing wrong with her. She looks good !
    Biniki is in good taste

  29. Bettina says:

    I listened to your show this morning and if you got it, flaunt it!
    Dolly looks great for her age and she can pull off the bikini look.
    Have a great day!

    Bettina C.

  30. dt says:

    too skinny…put your clothes on Dolly and grow up….

  31. susan says:

    she looks good for her age…if this is really her picture

  32. Scott Thompson says:

    Suffice it to say the woman still looks smokin hot in a bikini! All I can say is wow! And a woman that looks like that I would be quite sure that there are plenty of women out there that are probably jealous of the way she looks at her age.

  33. Budro says:

    Dolly looks like a HOT MAMMA in her swim suit. She could beat a lot of women half her age.

  34. Chris McGee says:

    It’s nice to see someone in the “fattest city in the US” to take care of themselves.

  35. Melissa says:

    Personal I think she does not have the hips it takes to be Hot Hot!
    Just Saying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Susie says:

    I think she can pull it off, just do not like her attitude.

  37. Susie says:

    on a different note…what happened to playing George Strait all day on his birthday, which is today?

  38. Andy says:

    Hey, She works hard for a body like that. Why not show it off. I wouldn’t buy a corvette unless I wanted to show it off.

  39. John says:

    Dolly has an amazing body. I am sure that she has gone to great lengths to maintain this figure. She could obviously wear just about anything she wants and pull it off. I did not catch all of this segment, so there might be some issues I did not hear. But, if this is only about being able to wear certain clothes, well she can do it.

  40. June Barnes says:

    Yes it looks like she can pull it off but when you listen to her talk she needs an attitude adjustment. She needs to get her mind on track with her age.

  41. 4runner says:

    Any chick that goes under the knife can look that hot…fake boobs, tummy tuck, lipo…c’mon.

  42. Tammy says:

    She looks great! Although……I didn’t care for her attitude quite as much. She was too verbal and a little immature about other moms who might not be in her shape, and about how their husbands are checking her out, she may be 45 but has the mind set of a 20 year old….GEESH! Also, her saying she was BF’s wtih her 17 old daughter, sounds like she she is one of “those” moms. But as far as looks, I think she can pull it off.

  43. Patricia Seibert says:

    I think she looks GREAT and yes, she can pull it off and yes I want to smack her !

  44. Chris McGee says:

    I keep trying to post on here but I guess its not working. I say yes. Its nice to see somone take care of themselves. Think of all the people you would NOT want to see in a bathing suit.

  45. Leyla says:

    She looks GORGEOUS for her age BUT sharing clothes with her 17 year daughter is just wrong. Dolly, you would look HOT in anything you put on with that being said, Wearing what your 17 years old is wearing just makes you look trashy and desperate for attention. Just saying….

  46. maggie says:

    You go girl!! You look good and you should be proud of it!! OH, and dont listen to the haters because they are just jealous.

  47. Les o says:

    I agree with the caller that said she should be into Ann Taylor at her age. I’m a 64 male and I think an older woman classily dressed is just as appealing. I also agree in keeping in shape. That’,s one thing, but being obsessed and a tease is a whole diferent story. Finally, I can’t see it real well, but she looks like she was hit in the face with a bag of nickles.

  48. Karen says:

    Yep looks good…..where is the husband?
    Not much of the wife/mother type their looking for…….

  49. Vickie says:

    Dolly looks great. I am 43 and have 2 children and still look good and tasteful in a bikini. Haters are gonna hate. And for all the women out there who are apparently self concious about their bodies, I say get some self esteem, stop being jealous and be who you are. And for the women who DO get frumpy, lazy and let theirselves and their bodies go, YES LADIES, you man will look at LADIES like DOLLY. Stay sexy Dolly and don’t ever lose the attitude.

  50. david says:

    First let me say that everything yall put into the ‘Foley and Thunder” show every day for the Houston area is excellent.Good job and keep us working people listening to KILT FM 100 !!

    Second, as for the bikini chic…nice photo. I wonder what the date is on the pic? I think her attitude could use a little “Foley and Thunder” mentoring and she would be back to being a decent human being in no time. Thanks again…Yall kick butt!!!

    1. gthun says:

      Thank you David! We all try to have a good time here and do our best everyday. Thanks for listening and for the props my friend. -greg thunder

  51. Tia says:

    What would she look like without the fake boobs and other cosmetic adjustments that she has had done? Her attitude is what makes her ugly.

  52. 24 says:

    How are you sure that is even her? The voice does not in any way match the person I see before me. I am 24, 5’2′ and 100lbs and I agree that one should stay in shape and be healthy, but her trashy personality regarding other women insinuates that she is very insecure about her own body and finds it enjoyable to demean others. Very sad that a 45-year-old woman is still acting how a 9th grader would act.

  53. christina says:

    Uugghhh no her boobs are fake and she looks likes she does nothing but diet and work out all the time

  54. ashley says:

    I think she looks good for her age!!! Everyone that said her attitude is ugly are probably those frumpy 30 year old moms!

  55. MBH says:

    I think she looks great! If you feel comfy in your own skin, and you are not disrespecting anyone, then go for it. You live once, and trully has inspired me to be like that when I’m there, 45.
    She is confident & looks HOTT!!! Way to to Dolly, Keep up what you are doing.

  56. m.chavez says:

    Her boobs fake you can see all her body has had work! So that’s why she can crap see if she can have a body like that after having 3 kids. 4 a body 2 look that good at that age its been worked on by a dr.

  57. Lorrie Murdy says:

    Wish I looked as good as Dolly…WAY TO GO!!!

  58. Marilyn says:

    Ya know, she looks good from the front but the pic is a little distant, as a workout girl of 48 the true test is to see her from behind…some girls have good boobs and a flat stomach only to turn around and have flat saggy buttocks and dimples down the back of the thighs so I vote the jury is still out on how “hot” she really is, just being honest.

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